Pune: PMC Orders Private Hospitals To Display Tariff Of Treatment

Jumbo COVID hospital Shivajinagar
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Pune, 11 October 2021: The  Maharashtra state government has amended the Nursing Act to make it mandatory for all private hospitals to display tariffs. Accordingly, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)  has sent a letter to the managers and directors of all private hospitals to implement the law.

PMC health chief Dr Ashish Bharti has issued the order in this regard. If the tariff is displayed by the hospital as per the amended Nursing Act disputes arising with the hospital administration and complaints may be reduced, the order said.

The following details have to be displayed admission Fee, Daily Inpatient Rate, Intensive Care Unit, Physician Fee, Assistant Physician Fee, Surgery Fee, Surgery Support Fee, Nursing Fee (per visit), Saline and Blood Transfusion Fee, Special Visit Fee etc.

Dr Bharti has also directed that the rates be fixed on the board if more treatment facilities are available.