Pune: PMC Organizes Inspection of Palkhi Routes for Arrival of Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram Maharaj

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 23rd May 2023: On Monday, June 12, 2023, the palanquins (Palkhi) of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar and Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj will arrive in Pune city. In preparation for this auspicious event, Vikram Kumar, Administrator and Municipal Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), organized an inspection of the Palkhi routes.

The inspection took place with the presence of esteemed officials including Ravindra Binwade, Additional Municipal Commissioner (H), Mahesh Patil, Deputy Commissioner (Vigilance Department), Asha Raut, Deputy Commissioner (Solid Waste Department), Anirudh Pavaskar, Superintending Engineer (Water Supply Department), Ashok Ghorpade, Chief Garden Superintendent, Kishori Shinde, Deputy Commissioner (Zone No. 1), Kalpana Baliwant, Assistant Health Officer, Chandrasen Nagtilak, Municipal Assistant Commissioner (Yerwada- Kalas – Dhanori Zonal office), Santosh Warule, Deputy Commissioner, Sandeep Khalate, Municipal Assistant Commissioner (Aundh – Baner Ward Office), Ravi Khandare, Municipal Assistant Commissioner (Shivajinagar Ghole Road Zonal Office), along with officials from concerned Zonal Offices.

During the inspection of the palanquin routes of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar and Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj, various matters were discussed, and instructions were issued to the concerned authorities regarding the necessary planning for the arrival of the palanquins. The Yerwada-Kalas-Dhanori Zonal Office, Aundh-Baner Zonal Office, and Bhawani Peth Zonal Office were specifically directed to focus on disaster management preparations, road repairs, removal of encroachments, accommodation safety, provision of water supply, toilets, sanitation services, rain drains, repair of chambers, and sanitation work.

An order has been given to remove abandoned cars and obstructive objects from the road and dispose of them. Additionally, encroachments on Palkhi Marg, the designated path for the palanquins, are to be cleared.
Considering the severity of the summer season, instructions have been given to increase the number of emergency rooms. Resting facilities for pilgrims will be set up at various locations along the Palkhi route. These rooms will provide workers with amenities such as first aid kits, clean drinking water, fans, mobile toilets, and emergency medical units. Provisions have been made for healthcare services to be provided to the underprivileged at different sites through mobile clinics and mobile toilets.

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Ensuring smooth traffic flow during the Palkhi dindi ceremony and maintaining uninterrupted movement, the Commissioner has suggested the installation of CCTV cameras for security purposes.

The road department has been directed to repair footpaths and roads along the Palkhi route. The boundary walls will be painted, and tree branches obstructing the path will be trimmed.

To prevent overcrowding and inconvenience to citizens attending the palanquin darshan at resting places, instructions have been issued regarding the arrangement of palanquin darshan and the installation of barricades. Additionally, fire-fighting facilities are to be provided to prevent any potential mishaps during prasad distribution at the resting places.

The encroachments department has been instructed to remove any encroachments that obstruct the Palkhi route.

The Water Supply Department has pledged to provide round-the-clock water supply along the Palkhi Marg and in all the Peths, taking into consideration the needs of the Palkhi procession and the areas where the Dindis stay. This initiative aims to prioritize the convenience and well-being of the participants. An adequate number of waste pickers will be present to maintain cleanliness at the locations where food and breakfast are provided to the workers through the board. Clean drinking water facilities will also be made available in these areas.

To enhance the sanitation infrastructure during the festival, PMC is undertaking repairs of public toilets in the Palkhi stay area. Mobile toilets will be strategically placed at various locations to cater to the needs of the devotees. The authorities have also emphasized the importance of water supply and sufficient toilet facilities in schools within the Dindia Municipality, where the Dindis stay. The Health Department has taken proactive measures by spraying disinfectants and smoke along the Palkhi Marg and in all schools.

The Solid Waste Management Department will be responsible for regular cleaning, and mobile toilets will be installed to supplement existing sanitation facilities. PMC has also issued orders to clean and repair public toilets to ensure their proper functionality.


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