Pune: PMC’s Water Supply Upgrade to Relieve Kothrud and Bavdhan Residents

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Bavdhan, 23rd January 2024: Residents in Kothrud and Bavdhan areas can look forward to improved water supply as the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) takes steps to address long-standing water woes. The PMC has augmented the water supply to the Chandni Chowk water tank by an additional 2 million liters per day, aiming to alleviate the persistent water scarcity in the region.


The current supply, which stands at 87 MLD (8.7 crore liters), has increased from the previous 85 MLD (8.5 crore liters).


In response to repeated complaints from residents, senior officials from the civic administration convened a meeting to devise measures for enhancing water supply in these areas. The planned initiatives include a comprehensive overhaul of water infrastructure, featuring the installation of a new water supply line at Dukkarkhind.


To manage the water distribution efficiently, the civic administration aims to maintain the Chandni Chowk water tank at a level of 3.8 meters, reducing unnecessary strain on the tank. Specifically addressing Bavdhan, a dedicated water supply line will be laid, and a separate water tank is in the pipeline to cater to the unique needs of the area.


While these plans offer hope, residents remain cautiously optimistic, emphasizing the need for tangible results on the ground.


PMC officials acknowledged the challenges, attributing reduced water pressure to the damage of a six-inch water supply line during road works at Chandni Chowk. As part of the solution, Prasanna Joshi, a senior PMC official, revealed plans to expand the pipeline network for improved supply. “PMC is seeking permission from the highways authority to lay the pipeline, and the works can be coordinated with the ongoing underpass construction at Chandni Chowk flyover,” he assured.