Pune: PMPML Bus Caught Riding on Footpath, Public Demands Action

PMPML Bus Ride On footpath
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Pune, 18th June 2023: In a shocking incident at Seven Loves Chowk, a PMPML bus was witnessed carelessly driving on the footpath, causing distress to pedestrians and regular commuters on the roads. The incident caught the attention of Hrishikesh Hirde, who promptly took to Twitter to share photos and details of the reckless act.



Expressing concern for public safety, Hirde’s tweet highlighted the audacity of government-run buses breaking traffic rules and the impact it has on people’s sense of security while navigating the city streets.


In response to the complaint, PMPML’s official Twitter handle acknowledged the issue and assigned a token number, T1146, for the complaint. They directed Hirde to check the status of his complaint at complaints.pmpml.org/checkComplaint‚Ķ, assuring him that the matter would be addressed.


The gravity of the situation has prompted the Pune Traffic Police to take action against PMPML. They have received numerous complaints regarding PMPML drivers and their disregard for traffic regulations. As a result, several offenders have been directly fined under the Sudarshan Karwayi scheme, aimed at curbing such violations.


The incident has sparked outrage among citizens, who are demanding swift action from PMPML and authorities to ensure the safety of pedestrians and commuters on the roads.