Pune Police Chief Amitesh Kumar Inspires at Punekar News Women Achievers Awards 2024

Amitesh Kumar IPS at Punekar News Women Achievers Awards
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Nidhi Rachel Saji
Pune, 28th March 2024: Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar delivered a stirring address at the Punekar News Women Achievers Awards 2024, held at The Pride Hotel Pune, Shivajinagar, on March 22nd. In his speech, Kumar emphasized discipline and community engagement.

A distinguished member of the Maharashtra cadre with a notable record, CP Amitesh Kumar lauded the remarkable contributions of women to society. Kumar, who took charge of Pune city police on February 1, expressed his commitment to ensuring equitable law enforcement for all citizens. Kumar pledged to undertake a significant crackdown on illegal activities such as gambling dens, illicit liquor trade, and other vices during his tenure.

Addressing concerns regarding nightlife regulations, Kumar stressed the government-mandated 1:30 am liquor curfew in clubs and restaurants, advocating for its strict adherence. He highlighted the effects of lax regulations on youth, citing recent incidents of drug peddling, including the apprehension of 11 Nigerian nationals. Additionally, Kumar empathized with residents affected by vice-related issues and pledged vigorous law enforcement measures to make Pune a drug-free city.

Highlighting the challenges faced by a police force of 9000 serving a populace in the lakhs, Kumar emphasized the necessity of citizen cooperation for sustainable discipline enforcement. Traffic management emerged as another priority, with Kumar assuring concerted efforts to address the issue.