Pune Police Crack Down on Criminal Glamorization on Social Media

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Pune, 17th February 2024: In a bid to curb criminal activities and the glorification of crime on social media, Pune police have intensified efforts, taking direct action against Instagram account holders responsible for posting reels that romanticize criminal endeavors. This move comes after the police had paraded members of 11 major criminal gangs and 21 emerging gangs at the Police Commissionerate, warning against the dissemination of crime-glorifying content.

Despite the initial warning, the uploading of such reels persisted, prompting the police to identify over two hundred and fifty accounts associated with this content. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Amol Zende, revealed that more than 60 accounts have already had their reels and content permanently deleted.

Addressing the issue, Zende emphasized the police’s commitment to conveying a clear message, akin to ‘Pune Ka Bhai Kaun?… Only Police,’ ensuring that the city remains free from the influence of criminal glorification on social media platforms.

Recent incidents showcasing criminals alongside prominent politicians had raised concerns, leading to the Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar taking decisive action. Notorious figures such as Gajanan Marne, Bunty Pawar, Nilesh Ghaiwal, and others, along with leaders from ‘rising gangs,’ totaling 267 individuals, were confronted by the police. The confrontations involved a direct exchange in a specialized police language, sending a stern message against criminal activities.

The police have identified a trend where criminals utilize social media, particularly reels, to attract young individuals towards criminal activities. These reels often feature notorious criminals surrounded by luxury cars and crowds, accompanied by music or dialogues evoking crime in films. The content not only glorifies crime but also aims to send messages to both the police and society.

DCP Zende highlighted the societal impact, stating that such content not only attracts youth towards crime but also instills fear in the community. Criminals exploit social media to provoke rival gangs, showcasing firearms and making threats, leading to potential criminal acts.

Currently, the police are actively verifying accounts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, closely monitoring the content and activities of identified criminals. Over 60 accounts have already faced permanent deletion of reels, accompanied by video documentation. The police are also working on identifying and monitoring an additional 150 accounts contributing to the glamorization of crime on social media.