Baramati’s Political Landscape Shifts: Sunetra Pawar’s Possible Candidacy Creates Stir

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Tikam Shekhawat & Mubarak Ansari

Pune/Baramati, 17th February 2024: The political landscape in Maharashtra is currently abuzz with discussions surrounding Sunetra Pawar, wife of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and NCP leader Ajit Pawar. Speculation is rife that Sunetra may enter the political arena by contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Recently, a banner surfaced in Pune district featuring Sunetra Pawar, urging her to enter the electoral fray and contest the Lok Sabha elections. The banners, prominently displayed in Baramati, the Pawar family’s stronghold, declared her as the prospective Member of Parliament, encouraging the public to support her candidacy with a significant mandate. There are indications that Sunetra Pawar might be fielded from the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, presently represented by Ajit Pawar’s cousin and Sharad Pawar’s daughter, Supriya Sule.

Sunetra Pawar is recognized for her significant contributions as a social worker. She is the founder of the Environmental Forum of India, an NGO established in 2010, where she has actively raised awareness about organic farming and the use of vermicompost.

Since 2011, Sunetra Pawar has been a think tank member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum in France, showcasing her international engagement in social and environmental causes.

Additionally, she has served as a trustee for the educational institution Vidya Pratishthan, highlighting her commitment to the field of education.

Sunetra Pawar has received several accolades for her notable work, including the Nirmal Gram Award and Cyber Gram Award, recognizing her efforts in developing the concept of eco-villages in India.

In her family life, Sunetra is married to Ajit Pawar, and the couple has two sons, Parth and Jai.

As Sunetra Pawar’s potential entry into the political arena gains attention, the upcoming Lok Sabha elections may witness an interesting development in Maharashtra politics.