Pune: Police Damini Squad Takes Action Against 1229 Roadside Romeos  

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Friyana Munshi

Pune, January 15, 2021: There are many incidents such as chasing and teasing young women on the streets every day. The roadside romeos have been taught a good lesson by the Damini squad of Pune police and so far action has been taken against 1229 people, said Assistant Inspector of Police Sujata Shanme. This action of the Damini squad is being appreciated by the people.

A lot of work has been being done for the last two years by the Pune Police Commissioner’s Office through Bharosa Cell. During this time many incidents came to light. The Bharosa cell is working to find a way by counseling couples, family members about various disputes.  

“In 2020, the Damini team conducted 1921 awareness programs in many parts of the city. Then 4043 calls came to the control room. Meanwhile, 1219 incidents of molestation have taken place. Action has been taken against such roadside romeos. Patrols are sent in many areas every day. Even then, many incidents come to light, and work is being done to solve them”., API Shanme said. 

She further said, “Husbands and wives also come to the Bharosa cell with many problems. The senior officer and our team are trying to resolve the disputes through counseling and bring the couple back to the way of life as before. In 2020, a total of 2073 applications have been received regarding disputes between husband and wife and 807 applications have been settled and 800 applications are in progress. Our team will succeed in these too.”