Pune Police Facilitate Travel of 24,000 People, This Is How You Can Travel from Pune during Lockdown

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Pune, May 9, 2020: A large number of citizens are seeking permission from the Pune City Police to travel to other parts of Maharashtra as well as to other states. As per the latest data released by police, about 24,000 people were allowed to travel by the Pune police till today.


Over the past month and a half, lakhs of migrant workers, students, tourists, patients and their relatives have been stranded in the city due to the Coronavirus lockdown. A few days back, the central and state governments had cleared the way for the movement of people who wanted to go to hometowns.


All stranded people, except those in containment zones, who want to go back their hometowns have to fill the online form on covid19.mhpolice.in If more than five people are travelling together then they have to make a district wise list and one group leader can upload his/her details online with Aadhaar card, a medical certificate stating that he/she is not suffering from any influenza-like illness, and one photo. If the group leader is not able to fill the form online, he/she can take form from the local police station and submit the same after filling details there.


However, workers don’t have to get a medical certificate as their screening will be done free of cost at the time of departure. Individual person has to get a medical certificate from any registered doctor. Those who apply, their list is sent to the Collector of the District where they want to travel and after their consent is received, travel permission is being granted. Buses and trains are being accordingly arranged for those who do not have own vehicles.


In Pune City Police, DCP Bachchan Singh is coordinating the travel of individuals while DCP Sarang Avad is looking after group travels. Till Saturday, Pune police allowed 23,848 people to leave Pune city. Among those allowed to go include 854 persons who are relatives of the deceased, 3612 persons for urgent medical treatment, and 7174 students. Apart from this, 10,587 people have been allowed by the police for personal reasons and 2197 for other reasons, said Crime Branch DCP Bachchan Singh.


Also, 258 persons travelled to Nagpur, Gondia, Nanded, Washim, Latur and other districts from Wagheshwar bus stand in Wagholi. Vimantal police station made arrangements for their food. 10 private buses took the people to their native places yesterday, said DCP (Zone 4) Pankaj Deshmukh and Senior Police Inspector Gajanan Pawar.