Pune: Police officer patrols on cycle to raise awareness about COVID-19 precautionary norms

Devidas Gheware Dattawadi police station
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Pune, July 24, 2020: Senior Police Inspector Devidas Gheware, in-charge of Dattawadi police station under Pune city police, has been cycling in the containment zones under his police station’s jurisdiction to raise awareness about the need of maintaining social distancing and staying at home. The foremost norm to prevent spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is social distancing and the central and state government have been time and again urging people to stay at home, besides wearing masks whenever stepping out to avoid contracting the pandemic. However, it has been observed that many citizens are flouting this norm.

There are around 12-14 containment zones under the Dattawadi Police Station jurisdiction. With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Pune, it is necessary that every citizen is undertaking all kinds of precautions to prevent from being infected. Realising this fact, Gheware on his bicycling has been making rounds in the containment zones to create awareness about the precautionary measures and citizens ensure they don’t violate the norms for their own safety.

“There are about 12-14 containment zones in our jurisdiction and most of them are slum areas. It isn’t possible to make announcements on four-wheeler vehicles in these areas. Bicycles are convenient to reach these areas,” he said. He also stated that while taking up the social responsibility, it has enabled him to take care of his fitness as well. “Nonetheless, to avoid contracting the disease, it is also important to exercise and keep ourselves fit. Because of our duty, exercising regularly is difficult now. So by cycling, I am able to exercise as well as communicate with people to make them aware about the norms,” said 54-year-old Gheware.