Pune Police Traffic Branch Inspects Wagholi Congestion, Citizens Demand ‘Coordinated’ Action

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Wagholi, 24th April 2024: Deputy Commissioner of the Pune Police Traffic Branch, Rohidas Pawar, conducted an inspection of the traffic congestion in Wagholi on Tuesday (23rd April). However, citizens are expressing the sentiment that mere inspections are insufficient; concrete measures need to be implemented. Previously, the then Deputy Commissioner Shashikant Borate had also inspected the area two months ago, and Vijay Magar had conducted an inspection a few months prior.

Despite the traffic congestion on the Pune City roads due to the increasing number of vehicles, it is a challenge that can be overcome. To address this issue, a collaborative effort and coordinated action from various authorities such as the Pune Police, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Public Works Department, Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA), and Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) are necessary. Although inspections are carried out by the Deputy Commissioner of Traffic, actual measures require joint decisions and implementation.

The problems are well-known, but a joint meeting to devise and execute solutions has not been convened. There is a need for additional manpower, traffic wardens, towing vans, and jammers from the Pune Police, but these resources are lacking. Furthermore, different departments tend to pass blame rather than take collective responsibility. It is essential to remove encroachments and electric poles obstructing traffic flow.

A plan for rain channels to divert water from the roads is lacking, leading to water accumulation and traffic disruption. Implementing strict actions against traffic violators is crucial. Additionally, staggering the timing of school and company buses to avoid simultaneous entry onto the road can alleviate congestion. Furthermore, the presence of unauthorized flex banners on the road contributes to traffic obstructions.

Recently, unseasonal rains caused hoardings to collapse on Nagar Road, resulting in a four-hour traffic blockage. Developing DP roads can also alleviate congestion. Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, having experienced the impact of the traffic jam in Wagholi, acknowledges the severity of the situation. It is imperative for department heads to convene and take immediate decisive action. Mere inspections by the traffic branch will not suffice, as citizens are expressing their dissatisfaction. Police Inspector Rajkumar Shere of the Traffic Branch, Assistant Police Inspector of the Lonikand Traffic Branch Gajanan Jadhav, and social workers were present during the inspection.

DCP (Traffic) Pawar stated that the inspection aimed to address traffic congestion, and measures will be determined through a meeting with PMRDA officials. Further action will be decided upon in consultation with other department heads in the presence of the Pune Police Commissioner.