Pune Police Use Force To Disperse Celebratory Crowds After India’s Win Over Pakistan In World Cup Cricket Match

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Pune, 15th October 2023: In the aftermath of India’s triumph over Pakistan in the World Cup, tensions escalated near Lokhande Talim Chowk in the Narayan Peth neighborhood on Saturday night, leading to police intervention.

A youthful crowd had gathered to celebrate the victory, and their exuberance crossed into territory that some found inappropriate, including the chanting of offensive slogans.



Local authorities, who were on patrol, attempted to de-escalate the situation, which led to confrontations and ultimately, a lathi charge to disperse the gathering.


Rajesh Yenpure, a former corporator from the Bharatiya Janata Party, managed to pacify the rowdy celebrants. However, Yenpure later expressed concerns about the police’s approach, communicating his grievances directly to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 1) Sandeep Singh Gill.