Pune Police Warns Citizens Against Online Frauds On Apps Like ‘OLX’

cyber fraud OLX

Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, September 26, 2020: Due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic, many people are now turning to e-commerce sites for purchasing goods. But with this comes the possibility of an increase in scams and online frauds.

Pune city police’s cyber cell has issued a warning against purchasing goods from online sites like ‘OLX’ without any verification. They have tweeted, “Think Twice before you purchase Any Thing on online shopping sites like “OLX”. Be Aware – Be Safe…#cybersecurity.”

In most of the cases of cyber-frauds, it was reported that the fraudsters posted pictures of people in military uniforms and posed as army men to gain the trust of the buyers.

The fraudsters mostly posted items like electronic goods, used vehicles, furniture items and other expensive goods.

What details people should avoid sharing online without verification?

1. Do not share phone numbers and addresses without proper verification.

2. Refrain from sharing bank account number, UPI pin and password.

3. Avoid sharing OTP’s without verification.

4. Do not share credit/debit card details including CVV number.

How to stay safe from cyber frauds?

1. The buyer should try to verify the product posted on ‘OLX’ physically before transferring money online.

2. Make online transactions only after receiving and checking the product. Do not indulge in making advance payments.

3. Prior to paying any amount, verify the original documents/bills for the products you intend to purchase online.

4. Don’t scan any QR codes sent by OLX fraudsters to transfer money online. This is the most common way of syphoning money from your bank accounts.

5. If the fraudster is posing as army personnel, make sure to identify the ID card of the person because they may be fake ones.

6. Keep changing your bank account passwords frequently.