Pune Porsche Accident: Delhi Meme Creator Pleads Not Guilty, Says FIR Registered To Divert Attention

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Pune, 26th May 2024: In a recent development in the Pune Porsche car accident, Aryan Dev Neekhra, the Delhi-based meme creator who had released his parody reel pretending to be the accused teen driver, has been booked by Pune City Police.


Now he has released another video claiming case against him is a ‘diversion’ tactic by Pune police to divert attention from the Porsche accident case.




“To divert everyone’s attention from the main case, action is being taken against me,” Aryan stated. He emphasized that he did not use any abusive language and maintained his innocence. “I did not use any abusive language against anyone,” he clarified.


Aryan further appealed for the charges against him to be withdrawn, asserting that they are unfounded. “The charges against me should be dropped,” he urged,


The reel has since been removed from his account, but “Cringistaan 2” still hosts a live barcode linked to a payment app under Aryan Neekhra’s name, soliciting donations to cover his bail. Neekhra’s account also features a post stating, “They filed a case against me instead; they trying to push all the attention on me.”


Neekhra, known for his provocative content, often films himself in public spaces making audacious comments. His latest video has drawn widespread criticism and legal action, as it appears to trivialize a serious incident that has sparked public outrage.