Pune Porsche Incident: Police Investigate 14 Calls Between Doctor and Accused’s Father

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Pune, May 29th, 2024: Shocking revelations continue to unfold in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar Porsche Car Incident, where a minor allegedly under the influence of alcohol killed two young IT engineers on May 19th. Among these, two senior doctors from Sassoon General Hospital in Pune, Dr. Ajay Taware and Dr. Shrihari Halnor has been arrested on accusations of tampering with crucial blood samples. It has emerged that Dr. Taware and the accused minor’s father, Vishal Agarwal, exchanged 14 phone calls just two hours before the blood samples were taken. Furthermore, revelations suggest that the doctors accepted a bribe to switch the blood samples.

According to police reports, Dr. Taware and Dr. Halnor discarded the accused minor’s blood sample, substituting it with another person’s sample to evade detection of alcohol. Following their arrest, along with peon Atul Ghatkamble, police raided their residences. Cash totaling Rs 2,50,000 was seized from Dr. Halnor’s residence and Rs 50,000 from Ghatkamble’s. Yesterday evening, police raided Dr. Taware’s residence.

A senior police inspector stated that the cash discovered in Dr. Halnor and Ghatkamble’s residences could potentially be the bribes they accepted for tampering with the blood sample. However, the primary focus is on Dr. Taware’s financial transactions. The investigation seeks to uncover how much money Dr. Taware received or if he received any other form of compensation. The police informed the court that Dr. Taware was the main orchestrator behind the blood sample manipulation, aiming to ensure no alcohol was detected in the minor accused’s blood and to tamper with witnesses to shield the accused from consequences.

Another police official reported that the accused minor’s blood sample was taken at 11 AM on May 19th at Sassoon Hospital. According to this information, Vishal Agarwal and Dr. Taware spoke 14 times within 2 hours before the blood sample was taken. Some of these calls were initiated through WhatsApp, FaceTime, and standard cellular connections. Technical investigation of these call recordings is ongoing. Additionally, authorities are investigating whether Vishal Agarwal and Dr. Taware were in direct contact or if there was a mediator involved.