Pune: Pot Ice Cream Offered at Discount to Boost Voter Turnout

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Reported by Saloni Mandlik

Deccan, 13th May 2024: In a bid to increase the number of voters in Pune, a new campaign has been initiated around Kamala Nehru Park. Organised by “Shirish Traders,” the initiative is to motivate citizens to vote in the Lok Sabha constituency and reward them with “Pot Ice Cream” at a reduced price to perform their civic duty of voting.

During peak hours, this event offers a delightful treat to spur voting. Voters casting their ballots between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. shall have the pleasure of a Pot Ice Cream for just Rs. 30, half the usual price.

This initiative, the conception of Shirish Bodhani, an established local businessperson, seeks to sweeten the voting experience as well as perpetuate civic virtue among local community members. The event, inaugurated this morning drew eager locals looking forward to indulging in the famed Pot Ice Cream, prepared in traditional wooden pots. Rohini Bodhani, Amey Bodhani, and others were present at the occasion as well.

Bodhani’s establishment has been a quality ice cream landmark in Pune for over 40 years now. Despite commercial changes, the tradition of serving handmade ice cream straight to households has remained relevant, reflecting loyalty to serving the people.

There is more to pot ice cream than just how good it tastes. People in Pune have been able to create this particular kind of ice cream by sticking to their culinary customs that use local inputs in its making. This ice cream does not contain any chemicals but conveys everything about the way people in Pune cook.

As temperatures soar and election fervor grips the city, initiatives like these underscore Pune’s vibrant community spirit and commitment to civic engagement.