Pune: Private Hospitals Demand Restructuring Of Bill Amount For COVID Treatment

COVID19 Pune
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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, September 4, 2020: The State Government has recently revised the bill rates for Coronavirus disease (COVID19) patients in private hospitals. However, before making this amendment, the government has made a decision without informing the Indian Medical Association (IMA). Therefore, only corporate hospitals will be benefited, private hospitals won’t get any benefit.

All these hospitals need financial support or else the hospitals would be closed. These hospitals have demanded the restructuring of rates in a meeting with the IMA.

The State Government has finalised the rules regarding the bill amount to be charged from the Coronavirus patients. But the private hospitals expressed displeasure over the rate, and the IMA held a meeting with the State Health Minister. The health minister assured to discuss the revised rates for hospitals.

However, without informing the IMA, the State Government revised the rate. Smaller hospitals across Maharashtra are operating at affordable rates for patients as compared to large corporate hospitals in Mumbai and elsewhere. Patients are suffering due to unaffordable bills charged by the large corporate hospitals in Mumbai and other places.