Pune: Property Cards To Be Issued To Owners In 23 Villages After 25 Years

PMC Pune
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Siddhi Dharmadhikari

Pune, 12th July 2022: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to issue property cards to the properties of 23 villages included in the boundaries of PMC. In the first phase, the work of a village will be undertaken. Therefore, after 25 years, the property owners of these villages will get proof of ownership.

Villages were included in the jurisdiction of the PMC in 1997. After surveying them, the Municipal Corporation had decided to issue property cards to the properties there. Some funds were given to the Land Records Department for this.

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Accordingly, a survey of all the properties in the included villages was completed in 2007. However, there was a delay in getting permission from the government, so the work was halted. Even after getting approval from the state government, the work was halted due to many problems.

The decision to complete it was taken by the Land Records Department after getting approval from the interim state government. But, in the last few years, construction has taken place in these villages. Therefore, these villages will have to be re-surveyed. For this, the time and cost involved are huge. Therefore, Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) conducted an aerial survey of all these villages.

With the help of this survey, an experiment of superimposing on an old map was carried out in Baner. Due to the success of this experiment, the Land Records Department decided to conduct the census in this way.

In the first phase, the survey of properties in four villages was to be undertaken. After that, the property cards would be issued after calculating the income of the remaining villages. The work has not actually begun. Therefore, in these villages, both property cards and 7/12 are in operation.

Due to this scheme, property cards will be available after deportation from the village. Along with this, every property in the village will have a fixed limit. Illegal sales and the purchase of a property will be curtailed. Property owners can get loans easily. Due to this, the encroachment process will be easy.

“PMC has taken initiative to provide property cards to the property owners in the villages included within its limits. For this, a joint meeting was held recently between the Land Records Department and the Municipal Corporation. In the first phase, a village will be surveyed and a property card will be issued,” informed Kishor Tavrej, Deputy Director of Land Records Department.

“It has been 25 years since villages were included in the municipal limits. However, the property card has not been issued yet. The decision to make the property card available again, no matter how late, will bring relief to the villagers,” said Sudhir Kulkarni, a resident of Baner.

Sachin Dhavade from Dhayari said, “If both the 7/12 and the property card for a property are in use, then the types of fraud can increase. Just as the property card is the only record in the old boundary, it should be in the 23 villages included.”

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