Pune: Real Estate Agents Association Demands Maximum 24 Hours For Rent Agreement Registration Process

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Pune, January 26, 2021: The Real Estate Agents Association has requested the Registration and Stamp Duty Department to reduce the timing for online leave and license (rent agreement) up to 24 hours. Currently, the timing is from 2 to 30 days.

The number of people applying for leave and license registration is higher in Pune city. Most of the time, instead of going to the sub-registrar office, they apply for online registration from authorised service providers.

The number of online applications has increased since the last 3 to 4 years as the department is providing the services at a reasonable price. It has helped raise revenue for the government by thousands crore. But currently, several technical issues are faced by the people like 1009 error, closing of flash player etc.

“As of now, it takes 2 to 30 days for the license registration. But we are demanding to reduce this timing up to 24 hours. So that people can get the fastest services in the department, we have also given a letter of our demands to the district registrar and also personally visited the Inspector General regarding our demands”, said Sachin Shingavi, president, Real Estate Agents Association.

Service providers Omkar Mirajkar, Shubham Ghorpade, Haridas Merukar, Abhishek Sukale, Akash Tambade, Mangesh Patil, Vikas Padawe and Yogesh Panpaliya were also present on the occasion.