Pune: Real Estate Businessman Caught Red-Handed in Extortion Attempt

Kondhwa police station
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Kondhwa, 11th April 2024: Police have thwarted a brazen extortion attempt on Monday afternoon, apprehending real estate businessman Vijay Jatan Londhe at Clover Hills Plaza on NIBM Road.

The operation followed a complaint filed by Colonel Navinder Singh Bewli, owner of Radiant Guard Services Pvt. Ltd., who accused Londhe and Amar Kasbe, allegedly the Maharashtra secretary of the RPI political party, of extortion. Both individuals face charges under IPC sections 384, 385, 379, and 120(b).

Assistant Police Inspector Rajesh Usgaonkar confirmed Londhe’s involvement in real estate and Kasbe’s affiliation with the RPI. The case originated from complaints filed against Radiant Guard Services by the accused.

The extortion scheme unfolded when Kasbe contacted Bewli via WhatsApp, demanding ₹25 lakh to withdraw the complaints. Threats of severe consequences followed if the demands weren’t met. Kasbe then sent Londhe to collect the money near Bewli’s office.

Alerted by Bewli, the Kondhwa police set up a sting operation. As Londhe arrived to collect the illicit payment, he was apprehended red-handed.