Pune: Recruitment Scam In Newly Merged Villages

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)map
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Pune, 2nd July 2021: There have been several complaints about bogus recruitment in newly merged villages in the last year. For the recruitment, Rs 3 lakh had been taken from every candidate. Initially, a voucher of 5,000 per month in the name of remuneration was issued but was not given to the employees. They were also promised to be made municipal employees after the villages merged into the municipal corporation.

Similar cases came into light earlier when 11 villages have been merged into municipal corporations. In which the corporation denied recruiting 136 candidates as employees. Recently there was a case where 30 employees had been recruited similarly and the Zilla Parishad has canceled all the recruitments.

Currently, there are complaints about bogus recruitment in Bavdhan and Su’s villages. It is also feared that this fraud is happening in other villages as well.

Speaking on this, Deputy Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation, Sunil Indurkar said, “After receiving all the records from Gram-Panchayats and Zilla Parishad, they will be reviewed. After verifying the records and scrutinize the recruitment only those will be appointed who are eligible for employment standards.”

Gram Panchayat officers working overnight to manage records

The final decision for the merger of 23 villages was issued by the state government on Wednesday, 30th June. Knowing that the records have to be handed over to municipal cooperation on the next day, officers from Gram- Panchayat have been working overnight to manage the records. Sources said, in some offices, the records were maintained to display that the recruitment was done previously and the employees were hired before 2-3 years.