Pune Resident Mehul Janak Shah Honored with Bharat Ratna Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtraratna Award-2023

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Pune, 14th January 2024: Recognizing his exceptional contributions to social and educational initiatives, Mehul Janak Shah was bestowed with the prestigious Bharat Ratna Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtraratna Award-2023.

The honor, presented by the Manikbhai Desai Manavseva Trust, commended Shah’s longstanding commitment to social welfare and education. Shah’s impactful work through various social organizations in Pune over the years led to this significant recognition. The award ceremony took place in Uruli Kanchan, with Professor K.D. Kanchan, Vice President of Mahatma Gandhi Sarvodaya Sangh, and distinguished social worker Dr. Ravindra Bhole presenting the award.

In addition to his notable achievements, Mehul Shah has actively engaged in social work, particularly during challenging times such as the post-COVID-19 period. When Pune’s blood banks were grappling with shortages, Shah took the initiative to address the crisis by organizing a blood donation camp. This event, led by Mehul Shah, collaborated with various government and semi-government offices to facilitate blood donations. Shah emphasized that receiving this honor has heightened his sense of responsibility toward society. He affirmed his commitment to continuing his social endeavors in the future.

Present at the award ceremony were key figures associated with Mehul Shah’s social initiatives, including Divine Jain Group Chairman Sanket Shah, Rishu Baweja, and Ajit Jadhav. Mehul Shah is currently affiliated with the Divine Jain Group and Pune Gujarati Bandhu Samaj, where his dedication to community service continues to make a positive impact.