Pune Residents Appeal to Prime Minister Against Stray Dog Incidents

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Pune, 19th July 2023: Concerned residents in Pune have reached out to Prime Minister Modi for assistance, raising their grievances against the existing Animal Welfare Board (AWB) guidelines, which they perceive as draconian and one-sided. They have initiated an online petition, urging Mr. Modi to review and revise the guidelines to ensure greater accountability from dog feeders and strike a balance between human and animal rights.

The petition highlights the severity of the situation, with WHO indicating that a third of Rabies-related deaths occur in India, emphasizing the gravity of the issue. Children are particularly vulnerable and frequently fall victim to dog bite cases. Over the past years, dog bite incidents have escalated, and residents believe that the misuse of the AWB guidelines exacerbates the problem.

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In conversation with one of the residents, our correspondent learned that the current AWB guidelines lack balance between human and animal rights, necessitating a revision. Dog feeders reportedly exploit these guidelines to harass residents who oppose feeding in areas outside the designated zones, as there are no penalties for such violations. This situation has caused animosity and a tense atmosphere.

Another resident expressed their frustration by stating, “NGOs are exploiting the law to earn money, resulting in a stray dog menace that poses a threat to the lives of children and elderly individuals. These NGOs show no empathy towards fellow humans!” The sentiment of several comments posted online suggests that this is indeed a serious issue.

On the other hand, dog feeders and animal rights activists hold a different perspective. They assert that the human-animal conflict arises due to human encroachment into animal habitats. They stress that they are caring for the animals and emphasize the need for people to understand animal behavior better.

The petition titled “Relief from Stray Dog Incidents” has garnered widespread support from residents across the country and is being praised for addressing a pressing concern. The matter remains under scrutiny as the calls for revising the AWB guidelines gain momentum.


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