Pune Residents Protest Tree Trimming Ahead of PM’s Visit: ‘Go Back Modi’

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Pune, 28th April 2024: Residents of Pune’s Camp area are voicing strong opposition to recent tree trimming operations conducted by the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB), coinciding with the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The tree clearance, spanning from the race course to the Hollywood Gurdwara area, has stirred concerns among locals over environmental impacts and wildlife disruption.


Citizens have criticized the timing and scale of the tree cutting, attributing it to preparations for the Prime Minister’s scheduled visit on August 29. Amit Singh, a prominent activist, conveyed the sentiment of many residents, asserting that the sacrifice of Pune’s tree cover for the sake of a political visit is unacceptable. Singh highlighted a perceived lack of substantial benefits from previous government initiatives and expressed disappointment over what he perceives as neglect of Pune’s issues.


Another resident expressed dismay over the tree trimming along Kahun Road to the Race Course, noting that the removal of branches has compromised the trees’ stability, potentially posing hazards during monsoon season.


The discontent stems not only from the immediate impact on aesthetics and shade but also from broader environmental concerns. Pune, known for its greenery, has seen extensive tree cutting in recent times due to various development projects, raising anxieties about declining tree-to-person ratios in the city.