Pune Roads Remain In Poor Condition, Rains Wash Away Repaired Roads

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Pune, 10th August 2022: The indecent state of roads in Pune was highlighted again as the city received heavy rains in the last three days. New potholes have appeared on many roads, and streets that were repaired earlier have started to crumble again. Therefore, it is clear that the expenditure of Rs 2.5 crores spent by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for repairs was in vain.

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The Road Department of the Municipal Corporation has issued show cause notices to seven engineers regarding the deterioration of the roads under the defect liability period for maintenance repair. The roads are in disrepair due to the repeated water supply scheme, drainage, and repeated digging by the Road Department for the same works. The first heavy rains in July have already washed away many roads.

As the year-long works remain incomplete, road digging and road works continued in various parts of the city during the monsoon month of July. Therefore, the Municipal Corporation did not get enough time to repair the roads. The Road Department of the Municipal Corporation and the Regional Offices carried out road-repair works in the rain.

A large number of potholes were noticed on the roads, made by the Municipal Corporation through contractors. After the road works, there were potholes on the roads even though there was a maintenance obligation for three years.

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The Roads Department of the Municipal Corporation has 139 road maintenance and repair responsibilities. These roads were inspected and a report was submitted. Accordingly, a fine of Rs 5,000 per pothole has been declared. The list of roads that require maintenance and repair was also given to the road department from the regional office.

The road repair work has picked up pace as the rains have cleared in the interim. But it has become clear that these works are also in vain. For the last three days, the rains have ruined the road restoration works in the city and suburbs. Potholes have reappeared on many roads, and motorists are facing multiple issues. Meanwhile, show-cause notices have been issued to seven engineers responsible for maintenance for not taking proper action after potholes on the roads. A written disclosure has not been received from them yet.


Works on roads, up to twelve meters in width, are carried out by the municipal offices. Whereas the roads with a width of more than twelve meters are maintained by the Roads Department. The Municipal Corporation has spent Rs 2.5 crores to fill 5,000 potholes in the city.

Since the Municipal Corporation had to incur this expense due to the road being washed during the maintenance period, the road department has decided to charge Rs 5,000 per pothole from the contractor responsible for the road. The decision will be implemented at the regional office level along with the Road Department.