Pune: Rs 1.5 Crores Sanctioned For Repair Works Of Sinhagad Ghat Road

sinhgad fort
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Pune, 3rd June 2022: With the onset of monsoon, the number of tourists visiting the Sinhagad Fort has doubled. There is a risk of accidents during the monsoon. Therefore, the administration has initiated action to repair the Ghat Road. For this, the Forest Department has sanctioned a fund of Rs 1.5 crores to the Public Works Department (PWD).


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The Ghat road was widened 15 years ago. The sidewalks which were removed for widening began to collapse in the rainy season. Now the mounds of removed sidewalks on the hillside slopes are made of mud.

Namdev Rathore, an engineer with the PWD, said that experts from IIT Mumbai would be examining the potential victim of the collapse on Ghat Road. Iron Mesh has been installed to protect the rocks and mud from sliding. However, modern technology will be used to protect the soil.