Pune RTO: Porsche in Techies’ Deaths Was Unregistered Due to Unpaid Fees

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Pune, 21st May 2024: The Porsche Taycan involved in the fatal crash in Kalyani Nagar, which resulted in the deaths of two IT professionals, was operating without proper registration. The Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) confirmed that the vehicle’s owner had failed to pay the necessary registration fees.


“The car was purchased through a dealer in Bengaluru, who provided a temporary registration before delivering it to the owner,” explained Sanjiv Bhor, Pune Regional Transport Officer. “It was then the owner’s responsibility to complete the registration process. The vehicle was brought to the Pune RTO for inspection, but the registration fee was never paid, preventing us from issuing a registration number.”


According to regulations, once a vehicle is delivered by a dealer, it is the owner’s duty to ensure it is registered and fitted with a high-security registration plate (HSRP). “When a dealer is from another state, a temporary registration number is given,” Bhor added.


Bhor clarified that within Maharashtra, temporary registrations are unnecessary, and vehicles must be registered at the local RTO. He acknowledged that other unregistered vehicles were also operating in Pune.


“Generally, Pune dealers do not deliver vehicles without registration. We have issued a notice to all dealers to adhere strictly to these regulations, warning that non-compliance could result in the cancellation of their trade licenses. Additionally, our flying squads will begin a crackdown on unregistered vehicles. Both vehicle owners and culpable dealers will face consequences if violations are discovered,” Bhor stated.


Since April 2019, all newly registered vehicles are required to have high-security registration plates. “There are instances where owners remove these plates and replace them with decorative ones. We will also address these violations,” a Pune RTO official noted.