Pune RTO Targets Tax Evaders with Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections

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Pune, 13th November 2023: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) has announced stringent action against vehicle owners evading taxes. After the Diwali festivities, the RTO will conduct inspections of overdue vehicles and take necessary actions. Additionally, a comprehensive inspection drive will encompass Pollution Under Control (PUC) checks and fitness assessments in response to the rising pollution levels in the city.

With the city witnessing a continuous surge in the number of vehicles, including bikes, cars, cargo and passenger trucks, and buses, the festive season sees a significant spike in vehicle purchases, adding further strain to the already congested roads. Despite this, during this year’s Dussehra-Diwali period, an astonishing 20 thousand vehicles were purchased in just twenty days. The proliferation of e-bikes is also notable.

Cargo vehicles are obligated to pay taxes after a specific period following their purchase. Moreover, once a vehicle reaches the end of its operational life, further permission from the RTO is contingent on a fitness check and the payment of due taxes. However, numerous individuals in the city operate vehicles without fulfilling these tax obligations. Consequently, the RTO has initiated a crackdown on these non-compliant vehicle owners.

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In response to the crackdown on vehicle tax evaders, Sanjeev Bhor, Pune Regional Transport Officer, stated, “Special teams have been appointed for inspection and action against vehicles with tax arrears. Accordingly, after Diwali, all the vehicles in the work area will be inspected.”