Pune: RTO To Install CCTV Cameras To Keep Eye On Staff, Agents

rto pune
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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, September 28, 2020: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) has issued the instructions to ensure the safety and coordination in the work of the office. The Transport Commissioner has also instructed to install CCTV systems at important places in all departments of the office.

Everyday many citizens visit the RTO for various kinds of work in the state. The transport commissioner Dr Avinash Dhakne ordered the offices to ensure the safety against Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection and increase transparency in the work, to avoid unauthorized persons from entering the office and to set up a visitor’s room in the office.

Since there is no help desk in the office, citizens often have to seek the help of agents or third parties. It can sometimes lead to fraud. Against this backdrop, a help desk should be set up in the office and a public relations officer should be appointed to provide information to the citizens.

Also, some departments in the office have been instructed to put up billboards declaring the area as a restricted area where citizens other than officers or employees are not allowed to enter. Employees should not give their login ID and password to anyone andd employees should not seek the help of a private person in government work.