Pune: Sambar Deer Succumbs to Injuries After Accident on Pune-Nashik Highway

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Ambegaon, 4th November 2023: A tragic incident unfolded on the Pune-Nashik highway in the Varpe Mala region of Kalamba, Ambegaon taluka, as a Sambar Deer lost its life due to severe injuries sustained in a collision with an unidentified vehicle. The mishap was reported to Forester Shashikant Madke by Swapnil Bhalerao, who informed the authorities about the incident.

Sambar, a majestic deer species found in the Indian subcontinent, South China, and Southeast Asia, has been classified as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List since 2008. This designation is a result of significant population declines, primarily caused by factors such as intense hunting, regional conflicts, and the extensive industrial development encroaching upon its habitat.

The forest department staff and rescue team swiftly responded to the call, reaching the scene promptly to provide assistance to the injured Sambar. Despite their efforts, the animal’s injuries proved fatal.

While the region has seen frequent leopard sightings within the Kalamb Forest Division, with these big cats often venturing into human settlements and occasionally preying on domestic animals, the presence of a Sambar is a rare occurrence in the area. This uncommon occurrence prompted expressions of sorrow and grief among local residents, who lamented the loss of the Sambar.