Pune: School Bus Driver Rapes Minor Girl, Accused Arrested

Kondhwa police station
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Pune, 18th July 2022: A shocking incident has come to light that a 15-year-old minor girl was repeatedly raped by asking if she would be in a relationship while coming from a school bus. In this case, Kondhwa Police has arrested the 35-year-old driver. The incident happened in March, June and on July 16.

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According to the information given by the police, the complainant used to come to school in the school bus belonging to the accused. During that time they got to know each other. Knowing that she was a minor, he asked her if she would want to be in a relationship with him. The girl, without knowing the meaning of his words, agreed. Then he forcibly had a physical relationship with her from time to time in March and June 2022.


On July 16, the girl came home late. Then her father got suspicious. He started inquiring deeply about the situation. She said that she was raped by four people. Her father was shocked by this. He immediately contacted the Kondhwa police.


The police interrogated the girl. It was then revealed that she had told the four of them due to fear of not revealing the relationship with the driver. A medical examination revealed that she had been active in physical relations. After that, the police arrested the accused. Assistant Police Inspector Shinde is investigating the case further.