Pune: ‘Shabdanchya Alikadle’ calendar depicts the origin of Marathi words

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Pune, March 29, 2023: In a unique initiative, Pune’s Tejas Gokhale has come out with the calendar ‘Shabdanchya Alikadle’ which depicts the origin of Marathi words.

“We have chosen 12 words like ‘Hapus’, Jilebi’ and are giving information about the origin of these words or how these words came into existence. People know about the words, but how the words came into existence is not known. Through this calendar, we are giving more information about the roots of these words,” Tejas Gokhale said.

The calendar, which is from April 2023 to March 2024, is priced at Rs 200 and can be bought online on www.khalbatta.com

“We are running the ‘Khalbatta’ initiative on social media platforms to keep Marathi language alive and boost the use of Marathi language in daily routine,” Tejas said.

Tejas Gokhale and his team intends to reach out new information about the words to the common people. Tejas through his ‘Creative Splash Studio’ has been working in the media and animation industry for 10 years.