Pune: Shewalwadi Residents Suffer Water Supply Problems Due To PMC’s Negligence

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Manjari Budruk, 24th April 2024: Water is indeed available for drinking and general use in Shewalwadi near Manjari Budruk. However, inadequate measures for water storage and distribution have resulted in several parts of the village experiencing water supply issues. The problem stems from the negligence of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials.

While Shewalwadi receives water supply through tankers provided by the PMC and from local wells and canals, the condition of the water storage tanks delivered by tankers has deteriorated. As a result, these tanks have been dry on certain days, leaving residents reliant on them without access to water.

Numerous tank taps are broken, some tanks are cracked, and many lack covers, leaving them open to contamination by garbage and dust. This has led to instances of tank theft as well. There is a pressing demand for the PMC’s water supply department to address these issues and improve water distribution in Shewalwadi.

Rahul Shewale, former deputy sarpanch of Shewalwadi, expressed concerns about the situation, stating, “Water flows from tanks without taps and cracks, preventing the release of water from PMC tankers. Some tankers are being redirected elsewhere. Despite reporting these issues to the relevant authorities, they have been ignored. The negligence of PMC water supply department employees and officials is exacerbating the problem.”

Indrabhan Ranadive, Superintending Engineer at the PMC, assured that close attention is being paid to the water supply in Shewalwadi village. He emphasized that no complaint is being taken lightly. Plans are underway to install three to four tanks where taps are lacking, and efforts will be made to rectify reported issues such as burst water lines.