Pune: Shiv Sena’s Shrirang Barne Faces Opposition Within BJP Ranks in Chinchwad Constituency

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Chinchwad, 2nd April 2024: Despite Shrirang Barne’s nomination as the Shiv Sena’s candidate for the Maval Lok Sabha constituency, his challenges persist, particularly in the crucial Chinchwad Constituency. In a recent gathering, BJP workers from Chinchwad expressed reluctance to support Barne’s campaign, citing a lack of alignment with his agenda. This internal dissent within the BJP has intensified opposition against Barne, further complicating his reelection prospects.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Barne has initiated efforts to mend fences by engaging with disgruntled leaders within the BJP. Despite his vigorous campaign efforts and the enthusiasm among his supporters following his nomination from Mahayuti, Barne faces an uphill battle to secure victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. His actions in the past have reportedly caused discontent among certain segments of the electorate, posing a significant challenge to his reelection bid.

A recent meeting of BJP workers and office bearers in Chinchwad underscored the depth of dissatisfaction towards Barne, with activists openly expressing their grievances. Demand for a dialogue with Barne to address their concerns was palpable, with activists emphasizing their reluctance to actively promote his candidacy without adequate engagement from him. The Chinchwad Assembly Constituency holds considerable sway over the electoral dynamics of Maval Lok Sabha, making it imperative for Barne to reconcile with BJP functionaries and workers in the region to mitigate discontent and secure support for his campaign.