Pune: Sinhagad Fort Authorities Respond to Traffic Concerns with Tactical Weekend Plan

sinhgad fort
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Pune, 31st January 2024: In a concerted effort to alleviate weekend traffic chaos at Sinhagad Fort, the forest department, Pune rural police, and the Sinhagad Fort committee have devised a strategic plan. This initiative aims to curb congestion during peak visitor footfall on weekends and holidays at this historical site.

Under the new plan, vehicles will be permitted to ascend to the top of the fort in batches, commencing from the start of the ghat section. Additionally, wardens will be strategically stationed along the ghat section to regulate vehicular movement, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.

The effectiveness of these measures was tested during the recent long weekend over Republic Day, where officials successfully managed to mitigate traffic snarls despite a substantial influx of vehicles due to holiday visitors. Encouraged by this success, authorities have affirmed their commitment to sustaining similar efforts in the upcoming days.

Sinhagad Fort stands as one of the city’s prominent tourist attractions. However, regular visitors have voiced concerns about traffic disruptions, especially for those commuting by cars or bikes, attributed to inadequate management.

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Acknowledging the challenges during weekends, officials at checkpoints are urging visitors to refrain from halting in the ghat section and to park vehicles only in designated areas at the top.

Authorities have also appealed to visitors to ensure their vehicles undergo thorough checks to prevent breakdowns in the steep and curvy Sinhagad Fort ghat section. Recognizing the importance of vehicle fitness, officials stress the need for precautionary measures in navigating the challenging terrain.