Pune: Small library setup by DoRBit Foundation NGO for 32 students of Kalbhorwadi village 

School library
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Pune, 3rd September 2023: A heartwarming event unfolded in Kalbhorwadi village of Urawade cluster as volunteers from the DoRBit Foundation, led by Abhishek Singh, joined hands with community leaders and donors to inaugurate a new library, marking a significant milestone for education and knowledge sharing in the village.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a moment of pride for Shubham Bhave, a dedicated DoRBit volunteer, and Cluster Head Ravindra Chaudhari, who played a pivotal role in making this initiative a reality. The event was conducted in the presence of Ravindra Chaudhari, Cluster Head of Urawade, who has been a driving force behind educational endeavors in the region.

Panjabrao Sudrik, the Headmaster of the local school, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing its potential to broaden horizons for the village’s youth. He was joined by teachers Mohan Pimple and Sanjay Bansode, who recognized the transformative power of education in shaping young minds.

Yogesh Kalbhor, the Chairman of the School Management Committee (SMC), emphasized the importance of community involvement in educational initiatives. Kalpana Kalbhor, an Anganwadi Teacher, and Manisha Kalbhor, a parent, also attended the event, showing their strong support for the library project.

The event was made even more special with snacks generously sponsored by DoRBit volunteer Anjali Kumari, demonstrating the spirit of collaboration and community support.

Vipin Mohit Shrivastava, representing the DoRBit Foundation, extended his heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to make the library a reality. He also acknowledged the significant donation made by Cummins India Foundation, which played a crucial role in funding the project.

During the inauguration, the Initiative Lead Abhishek Singh spoke passionately about the “Your Book” initiative and shared plans to establish more libraries in Urawade village in the near future. This initiative aims to provide access to knowledge and reading materials for the entire community, fostering a culture of learning and intellectual growth.

The inauguration of the library in Urawade village is not just a symbolic event but a testament to the power of collaboration, community engagement, and the unwavering commitment of individuals and organizations to improve access to education and knowledge for all.