Pune: Special Court Seeks Clarification on Polygraph and Voice Layer Analysis Tests in DRDO Scientist Pradeep Kurulkar’s Case

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Pune, 26th June 2023: In the ongoing case of DRDO scientist Pradeep Kurulkar, the Special Court in Pune has asked the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) to explain the difference between a polygraph test and a voice layer analysis test. The court has directed the ATS to provide clarification before the next hearing, scheduled for June 30.


During a hearing on Monday (26th), the ATS requested permission from the court to conduct the tests. However, the court sought clarification on the specific nature and distinction between the two tests.


As the ATS officer was unable to provide a satisfactory response regarding the difference, the court instructed the ATS to provide a clear explanation before proceeding with the hearing.


Pradeep Kurulkar was arrested on May 4 on charges of allegedly sharing classified information with Pakistani intelligence operatives. He is currently in judicial custody. As his custody period ended on June 25, a court hearing was held on Monday.


In light of Kurulkar’s lack of cooperation during the investigation, the ATS applied to the court to conduct both a polygraph test and a voice layer analysis test. The ATS submitted the application to the court, and during Monday’s hearing, Special Public Prosecutor Vijay Fargade requested that Kurulkar undergo the tests.


In response, the court inquired about the nature and purpose of the voice layer analysis test, as well as its previous usage. Lawyers representing Kurulkar stated that their client has refused to undergo both tests and will present their opposition in court.