Pune : Stable Prices for Fruits and Vegetables as Monsoon Withdrawal Process Impacts Cultivation In District

Market Yard vegetable fruit
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Pune, 15th October 2023 : The recent monsoon withdrawal process has left a notable impact on fruit and vegetable cultivation, influencing their availability and prices at the wholesale market. In comparison to the previous week, the prices of fruits and vegetables have maintained stability, although a surge in demand is anticipated following the commencement of the Navratri festival. Traders have reported a 10 to 20 per cent increase in the prices of green chillies and capsicum, while the prices of other fruits and vegetables have remained consistent.


On Sunday, October 15, the Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard in Gultekadi witnessed the arrival of 90 truckloads of fruits and vegetables originating from both within the state and foreign countries. This represents an increase from the 80 truckloads of produce that were brought into the wholesale market last week. Notably, this week’s shipments included 7 Tempo loads of green chillies from Gujarat, 3 Tempo loads of cabbage from Gujarat and Karnataka, 3 Tempo loads of moringa from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, 3 Tempo loads of common beans from Karnataka, 5 Tempo loads of carrots from Indore, 8 Tempo loads of garlic from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, and an additional 60 truckloads of potatoes.


Moreover, the market received 700 sacks of Satari ginger, 8000 boxes of tomatoes, 10 trucks laden with cauliflowers, 7 trucks filled with cucumbers, 50 sacks of groundnut pods, 8 trucks carrying capsicum, 4 to 5 trucks loaded with red pumpkins, and a substantial 60 truckloads of onions. These diverse offerings reflect the bountiful variety available at the wholesale market, assuring a continued supply of fresh produce to meet the demands of the upcoming festival season.