Pune Station Parking Contractor Fined Four Times In A Month For Overcharging and Misbehaviour

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 13 December 2023: The Railway authorities in Pune have taken strict action against the parking contractor at Pune Station following multiple complaints of overcharging and rude behavior towards passengers. Over the span of a month, the contractor faced fines amounting to a total of Rs 80,000 for his misconduct.


Reports from the Pune Division Railway authorities revealed that the contractor incurred fines on various occasions. A substantial fine of Rs 50,000 was imposed on 06th December 2023 after railway staff received a complaint via Rail Help regarding the contractor’s rude behavior, overcharging, and failure to provide receipts to passengers.


Earlier fines of Rs 10,000 were imposed during a surprise inspection conducted by railway officials on 23rd November. Additionally, two separate fines of Rs 10,000 each were levied due to complaints received through Rail Madad.


Addressing the recurrent issue, Senior DCM Milind Hirve of the Pune Division told Punekar News, “the importance of passengers coming forward and reporting any mistreatment or overcharging issues they encounter with the parking contractor. He assured that prompt actions would be taken against such behavior.”


Despite previous actions taken against the parking staff for similar violations, complaints have persisted over time. Passengers have resorted to social media platforms, especially Twitter, to voice their grievances against the parking contractor.


Parth, a frequent visitor to Pune railway station, expressed dissatisfaction, revealing that he had been charged double the parking fee on multiple occasions. Another passenger, Pradeep Gore, shared a distressing experience of being overcharged, mistreated, and threatened at the Pune Railway Station’s parking zone, paying an exorbitant fee without receiving a receipt.


The aggrieved passengers tagged the Rail Ministry and officials, questioning the legitimacy of such practices and referring to the situation as ‘Mafia Raj’ or a form of exploitation.