Pune: Strict Measures Imposed on Wrong-Way Drivers in Chinchwad Station Square

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Chinchwad, 21st November 2023: In response to the rising issue of motorists driving in the wrong direction from Chinchwad Station Square towards Empire Estate, authorities are taking stringent measures to curb reckless driving and ensure road safety.

The route from Morwadi Chowk (Finolex Chowk) to Chinchwad Station encompasses various significant establishments such as showrooms, colleges, housing projects, the Deputy Commissioner of Police office, cinema theatres, and residential areas. To alleviate traffic congestion and potential accidents, vehicles heading towards Chinchwad Gaon are advised to take a detour from Morwadi Chowk to reach Empire Estate. However, a concerning number of drivers continue to defy this direction, contributing to traffic jams, accidents, and confrontations.

The issue involves residents, moviegoers, shoppers, and mall customers, among others, taking their vehicles in the wrong direction, compounding the traffic woes. Illegally parked vehicles further exacerbate the problem, causing additional congestion and safety hazards.

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Despite the presence of police officers regulating traffic in the square, some drivers brazenly disregard the rules, exacerbating the situation. Residents and concerned individuals are urging authorities to take decisive action against these reckless drivers to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic in the area.