Pune: Teachers To Protest In Saswad On September 3 Against ‘Amche Guruji’

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Saswad, 1st September 2022: In protest of Gangapur MLA Prashant Bamb’s statements regarding teachers in the Legislative Assembly as insulting to teachers, the government has given an incomprehensible and illogical order to put pictures of teachers on the walls under the initiative ‘Aamche Guruji’.

Chairman of Coordination Committee Nand Kumar Sagar informed that all teachers’ unions of Purandar taluka will come together and protest on Saturday, September 3 against these two issues.

Even though the government decision regarding the stay of primary school teachers in rural areas has been revoked, the teachers do not stay at the headquarters. Bamb had stated that teachers collect house rent by giving false certificates in this regard. These demonstrations are going to be held for this protest.

Also, currently, the rulers and administrators of the state are taking futile decisions regarding the improvement of educational quality. On August 24, 2022, the Education Commissioner, Maharashtra State, through the video conference, ordered all the Education Officers to put up colour photos of the teachers on the walls in the classrooms.

“How the government is humiliating and making the dignity and self-esteem of teachers a subject of public ridicule by hanging their pictures on the wall. This is an example of the people concerned not being aware of this. We are not captive teachers in the frame. Government should cancel Amche Guruji,” Nandkumar Sagar said that all the teachers in Purandar will come together and protest.