Pune: Ten-Year Commuting Woes End as ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India Initiates Repair of 500-Meter Stretch of Approach Road to Sanaswadi Industrial Estate

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Sanaswadi, 10th June 2024: A total of 21 Industrial establishments operate in the immediate vicinity of AM/NS Sanaswadi, and each of these businesses are facing the same crippling issues – There is a 1.75 Km approach road to these 21 industries from Pune-Nagar Road. The concrete road from Pune-Nagar Highway towards Sanaswadi has been constructed by the Company (AM/NS India Ltd.) at its own cost. However, a small stretch of this road (about 500 meters) passes through forest land, and the Forest department initially did not allow reconstruction of this small stretch, even though the proposal was submitted to PCCF back in 2018 to permit repair and reconstruction on this portion of the road. All industries in Sanaswadi (including AM/NS Company) faced  a major problem due to the extremely poor road condition especially during monsoon season. Thus, the said stretch exists but has been broken and was totally unsafe for man and material movement, and the company petitioned the government authorities elaborating the  need to be allowed to repair it before more accidents occur.

On behalf of all the industries Deccan Chambers of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (DCCIA ) put up a proposal for Forest Road 0.495 Ha(0.585 ha) at Koregaon Bhima in 2018 to the forest department for necessary permissions from forest authorities. Since last 5 years proposal submitted, the company and DCCIA took a follow up with the forest departments at levels Dy Conservator of Forest (DCF) Junnar, Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) Pune, Additional Principal  Chief Conservator of Forest (APCCF) Nagpur and Principal Secretary – State Ministry Mantralaya Mumbai. With continuous follow ups from ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel  ltd Sanaswadi Pune the  proposal reached at the level of Dy Director Forest Force (DDFF)– Regional office Central Government Nagpur in 2021.

The back queries raised by the forest department in both proposals were compiled in the year 2022. Later with the efforts of AM/NS India Management the issues of pending proposals were taken up with the  Forest Minister, Dy Chief Minister, Industrial Minister, Principal Secretary Forest Maharashtra State & Dy Director Forest Force from Dec 2022 . AM/NS India arranged regular meetings with the ministry from Jan 2023 and  with strong follow up with the forest department, successfully  led to  in principle stage 1 approval on March 5 , 2024. The road is used by all nearby industries in this vicinity and surrounding villagers of Koregaon Bhima, Sanaswadi, Dingrajwadi,Vadegaonthan, Darekarwadi and Talegaon. HP Srivastava, Vice Chairman of Deccan Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (DCCIA), Pune said that DCCIA took up  with GOM  regarding the construction of a private road on  forest Land.

H P Srivastava

“It was agreed by all the members that the complete proposal will be driven in the name of DCCIA and the user members /companies will be responsible for complying with all conditions including payment of any compensatory levies as may be imposed by the Forest Department.  DCCIA was granted the permission for construction of a Private road vide Government of India, Ministry of Environment vide their letter bearing No. FC-I/MH-338/2023-NGP/12969 dated 04.03.2024. However, this was subject to other conditions as may be imposed by the Department of Forest.

One of the conditions imposed by the Department of Forest was to pay a Compensatory levy to a tune of Rs 28,64,660/ (Rupees Twenty Four Lakhs Sixty Four Thousand Six Hundred & sixty only) vide their letter dated 6th March 2024.  The above amount was paid by DCCIA on behalf of its members pursuant to which permission has been granted by Forest Department ,” he said.

Meanwhile the AM/NS administration has extended its gratitude to all the village panchayats of the neighbouring area for extending full co-operation to the company during all the times  especially for their full support for the road construction project.

List of Companies Benefitting from the Road Repair Project:
1. ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India Ltd
2. Musafdilal Projects Pvt Ltd
3. Praj Industries
4. IMP
5. Trans Auto (Jagdamba)
6. Ranisati Roller Flour
7. Kapson Industries
8. ITW India Pvt Ltd
9. Hassia Packaging
10. AAA Roller Flour
11. Tranter India Pvt Ltd
12. Miba Drivetech
13. Friends Engineering
14. Sagar Auto Components
15. Ferrum Alloy Pvt Ltd
16. Bhakti Warehousing
17. Smart Tech (Rushabh)
18. Auto Component
19. Ferrum Alloys Pvt Ltd
20. Kalyani Sharp
21. APPL