Pune: Tensions Rise at Modi Bagh House in Pune Over Candidate Selection for Raver Lok Sabha Constituency

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Pune, 9th April 2024: Chaos ensued at Modi Bagh House in Pune on Monday (8th April) as discussions unfolded to finalize the candidate for the Raver Lok Sabha Constituency of NCP Sharadchandra Pawar’s party in Jalgaon. Former Bhusawal MLAs Santosh Chaudhary, Ravindra Patil, and Shriram Patil convened with Sharad Pawar at Modi Bagh, accompanied by the party’s women state president, Rohini Khadse. However, amidst the deliberations, Rohini Khadse declared her reluctance to contest the election from Raver. Additionally, Jayant Patil mentioned that discussions had been held with the aspirants, and the decision would be disclosed on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced the candidacy of Raksha Khadse, wife of senior leader Eknath Khadse and the current MP, for the Raver Lok Sabha constituency. Speculation had arisen regarding the candidate selection from Sharadchandra Pawar’s NCP party to challenge Raksha Khadse. Talks were suggesting that Eknath Khadse’s daughter, Rohini Khadse, was also interested in contesting the election, further intensifying the competition for the candidacy in the Raver Lok Sabha constituency.

Amidst the tumultuous atmosphere, Sharad Pawar’s residence at Modi Bagh in Pune saw a flurry of activity in the afternoon. NCP State President Jayant Patil, MLA Jitendra Awhad, along with Rohini Khadse, engaged in discussions with interested candidates and their supporters. Rohini Khadse conveyed to the media her decision not to contest the election. She emphasized that the announcement of the candidate for Raver would be made on Tuesday, asserting her stance against running from this constituency. Rohini highlighted her insistence on promoting aspirants and her discussions with Sharad Pawar and Jayant Patil regarding this matter, indicating that the candidate’s name would be revealed accordingly.

The phenomenon of two individuals from the same family affiliating with different political parties is not unprecedented. Hence, there shouldn’t be any confusion. Regarding Eknath Khadse’s transition to the BJP, whether it’s a matter of prestige or vulnerability is for him to clarify. Rohini affirmed her commitment not to campaign against anyone and stated that her focus would be on advocating for her party. While expressing sadness over her father’s decision to join another party, she underscored that she’s not alone in her endeavour, with the support of Sharad Pawar, Supriya Sule, and numerous activists standing by her side.