Pune: Two-Year-Old Dies After Falling Into Water Tank

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Uruli Kanchan, 9th April 2024: A heart-wrenching incident occurred on Saturday around noon in the vicinity of Ashtapur Mala road in Loni Kalbhor, where a two-year-old child lost his life after accidentally falling into a water tank.

The deceased toddler has been identified as Prince Chandankumar Koshale. Authorities have registered a case of accidental death at the Loni Kalbhor police station, Pune City Police, in connection with the incident.

According to officials from the police station, the incident unfolded around 12 noon on Saturday when Prince stumbled while playing and accidentally plunged into the water tank. Prince was retrieved from the tank and rushed to the hospital. Doctors at the hospital declared him deceased upon arrival.

Further details reveal that Prince’s father, Chandankumar Koshale, is employed in Loni Kalbhor, where he had come for work. The family, originally from another state, works as construction laborers, with both parents actively engaged in their respective jobs.