Pune: Abundant Tomato Supply Leads to Wholesale Price Drop

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Market Yard, 13th August 2023: The wholesale market is witnessing a decline in tomato prices attributed to a substantial surge in tomato arrivals over the past month. The introduction of newly cultivated tomato crops into the market has triggered a surge, evident by the receipt of nine thousand boxes of tomatoes at the Sri Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard on Sunday.


This volume marks a doubling in tomato arrivals compared to the previous week. In the wholesale market, the cost of 10 kg of tomatoes varies between Rs 300 and Rs 500, contingent on the quality.


On Sunday (August 13), Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard in Gultekdi welcomed a convoy of 100 trucks laden with fruits and vegetables, sourced both locally and from other states. Traders have reported favorable arrivals of produce, and the majority of fruit and vegetable prices remain stable.


Notable shipments include 10 Tempo Green Chilies from Karnataka, 4 Tempo Cabbages from Karnataka, 4 Tempo Cabbages from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, 4 Tempo Ghewda from Karnataka, 2 Tempo Pavata, 2 Tempo Groundnut Legumes from Gujarat, and 10 Tempo Garlic from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Agra, and Indore. Additionally, the Pune division contributed 40 truckloads of potatoes, as confirmed by Adte Vilas Bhujbal, head of the wholesale market.


The influx of produce included 800 sacks of Satari ginger from the Pune division, 9 thousand boxes of tomatoes, 10 tempos of flowers, 4 tempos of cabbage, 5 tempos of peas from the Satara region, 7 tempos of okra, 5 tempos of guar, 100 sacks of groundnut pods, 10 tempos of chilies, 10 trucks of cucumbers, and 10 trucks of red pumpkin and 70 trucks of onions.