Pune: Thieves Arrested After Stealing Voting Machines from Saswad Tehsildar Office

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Saswad, 7th February 2024: Rural police in Saswad have apprehended two individuals suspected of breaking into the Tehsildar office and stealing voting machines, including the control unit. The arrested suspects, identified as Bhaiya alias Shivaji Ramdas Bandgar (21) and Ajinkya Raju Salunkhe (21), both residents of Malshiras, Purandar, Pune district, are currently under interrogation.

The incident occurred when the thieves forcibly entered the Tehsildar’s office by breaking the lock and making off with the voting machines. The stolen items, which included an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), Control Unit, and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), were stored on an iron platform within the office premises.

Upon discovery of the theft, senior police officials swiftly responded, initiating a coordinated effort to apprehend the perpetrators. The investigation, supported by technical expertise, led to the successful arrest of Bandgar and Salunkhe, both of whom are known to authorities as experienced criminals.

The motive behind the theft remains under investigation, with authorities emphasizing the interrogation of the suspects to uncover further details.