Pune: To Save Road Accident Victims, Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissioner Orders Police Personnel To Become Complainants

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Pimpri, 26th July 2022: After an accident, a person helping an injured person is often harassed by the police. Because of this, common citizens often think even while helping the injured. Due to this now Pimpri Chinchwad Police have taken steps to prevent such incidents.

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After the accident, the police will be a complainant if necessary so that the accused do not benefit from the technical error. Along with this, a case will be filed within four hours so that the accident victim gets immediate help from people without bothering about cases.


Those helping the injured in the accident should not suffer in any form. Also, even though the Supreme Court has issued guidelines for providing incentive funds to them, it does not seem to be properly implemented. So now Pimpri-Chinchwad Police Commissioner Ankush Shinde has taken the initiative in this regard, the police should be the complainant and help the injured or the dead to get complete justice, Pimpri-Chinchwad Police Commissioner Shinde has given orders in this regard.

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The number of accidents in the city is increasing day by day. When an accident occurs, the information is immediately given to the traffic police or the nearest police station. After receiving the information on the spot, the police send the injured to the hospital or many times the citizens themselves hospitalize the injured. Often in all the proceedings, there is an inquiry as to who exactly was at fault in providing the evidence at the scene of the accident. Along with the injured, the information is reported to the police station from the hospital where the injured have been admitted. After that, the process of filing a case starts, and the whole process takes a long time.


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Most of the time, victim registers a complaint regarding the accident, sometimes they are not in a state to register a complaint due to injuries and sometimes they are unconscious for one day or two, which results in a delay in filing the case. Often complaints are made by the relatives of the accident victims, but the complainants are not present at the time of the accident, so the information about the nature of the accident only comes after a thorough investigation by the police.


“A relative of the injured or dead person who is not present at the time of the accident becomes the complainant. When the case is being heard in court, as the complainant is not aware of the place of the accident or some other detail, the accused benefit from the technical errors. This causes difficulties in getting justice for the injured as well as the families of the deceased or victims. For this, if a cop who is present there after the accident or conducts a preliminary investigation, it can help the accused to be punished,” said Ankush Shinde, Commissioner of Police, Pimpri-Chinchwad.


New orders issued by Pimpri-Chinchwad police commissioner for cops:


1) The place of the accident should be visited immediately.


2) Evidence which can be destroyed from the scene, should be collected immediately.


3) The complaint given by the complainant should be verified and a case should be registered against the appropriate person.


4) If the complainant is not present, the police should file a complaint on behalf of the government after observing the circumstantial evidence or the situation at the scene of the incident.


5) After the occurrence of an accident, along with getting medical help to the accident victim, the process of filing a case should be within four hours.