Pune Traders Fear Dry Fruits Price Hike As Taliban Stops Trade Between India And Afghanistan

Dry Fruits
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Pune, 21 August 2021: The import of dry fruits from Afghanistan has completely stopped after the Taliban seized power there. India currently has plenty of dry fruit stocks left. So the prices are stable for the time being. But traders have predicted that dry fruits and other items coming from India will be expensive if the supply chain remains


Many things are imported from Afghanistan to India. Dry fruit secures the highest number in the list. Goods coming to India from Afghanistan go through Pakistan by road. However, the Taliban have imposed restrictions on the movement of goods along the Pakistan border. As a result, imports have stopped.

Various festivals are coming up in the next few days. Therefore, the demand for dry fruits is going to increase in a big way. There is no reason for the price to rise if imports of goods from Afghanistan start properly in the next few days. But traders have predicted that rates will rise if imports remain closed. India is Afghanistan’s largest partner. About $835 million worth of goods were exported from India in 2021.

Price of kg in the wholesale market (Rs.):

  • Black Raisins – 250-350
  • Fig- 600-800
  • Apricots – 340 – 380
  • Shahajire- 400-500
  • Kharjeera- 480
  • Raisins – 280-600
  • Black Beans- 260
  • Pishori Pistachios – 1650
  • Abjosh – 450 – 500

Exports from India: Various items including tea, coffee, sugar, rice, onion, fruits and vegetable seeds, and milk products

Imports to India: Raisins, walnuts, almonds, figs, pine nuts, pistachios, Shahajire, raisins, dried apricots, apples, cherry, melons, watermelon as well as asafoetida, cumin seeds, spices, saffron, etc.

Naveen Goyal, a trader from Market Yard, said that dry fruit prices have been artificially increased in many parts of the country. At present, there is a balance of dry fruit goods coming from Afghanistan in the country. So rates are stable for now. But it is only after the central government’s policy in the next few days that it can be determined whether the rates will go up or not.

Another trader Vinod Goyal said that at present, goods coming from Afghanistan have completely stopped. The goods that are on the way will come to India. There are businessmen who are not ready to take orders at present. Many phones are switched off.