Pune: Traffic Changes At University Chowk Undergo Experimental Trial From Tomorrow, Check Details Here

Pune University Chowk traffic
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Pune, 14th January 2024: In a bid to enhance traffic flow and optimize commuting in Pune City, Shashikant Borate, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Trafficn Branch), has announced temporary changes at University Chowk effective from 15th January, Monday, until further notice. These alterations are implemented on a trial basis to assess their effectiveness in improving traffic management.


For motorists traveling from Shivajinagar to University Chowk, a dedicated left lane has been designated before the square’s pillar. This lane aims to facilitate smoother access to Pashan, streamlining the flow of vehicles and reducing congestion.


Similarly, those heading towards Baner are advised to utilize the left lane of Baner Road for a more efficient route to their destination. This adjustment is part of the experimental traffic changes aimed at optimizing the overall traffic system.


In the case of commuters journeying from Pashan to University Chowk, the modified route involves taking a left turn at Abhimanashree Society Junction on Pashan Road, as before. Subsequently, a right turn at Abhimanashree Society Junction on Baner Road ensures a seamless connection to University Chowk.


These changes are introduced with the intention of improving traffic management, reducing bottlenecks, and enhancing the overall commuting experience for residents and visitors alike. The trial period will allow authorities to assess the impact of these modifications and make informed decisions for the long-term improvement of traffic conditions in Pune City.