Pune: Traffic Changes Implemented Due to Sadhu Vaswani Bridge Reconstruction

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Koregaon Park, 7th February 2024: In response to safety concerns surrounding the Sadhu Vaswani Bridge under the Bund Garden Traffic Division and Koregaon Park Traffic Division, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to demolish and reconstruct the bridge. As a result, potential traffic congestion is anticipated in the Koregaon Park and Bund Garden areas until the completion of the project.

To ensure smooth traffic flow during this period, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pune City Traffic Branch, Shashikant Borate, has announced several changes in vehicle traffic within the limits of Koregaon Park and Bund Garden traffic branch, effective from 10th February 2024 until further notice, under the first phase of implementation.

– One-way traffic for light vehicles will continue from Sadhu Vaswani Bridge between Mor Odha Chowk and Blue Diamond Hotel Chowk.
– General Arun Kumar Vaidya Road will operate as a one-way route between IB Chowk and Circuit House Chowk. To travel from Mor Odha Chowk to IB Chowk, vehicles should proceed straight from Morodha Chowk in front of Southern Command, Pune and take a right turn at Council Hall Chowk.
– PMPML buses and other buses are advised to proceed straight from Mor Odha Chowk at Kahun Road signal, take a left turn at Colonel Tarapore Road Junction, and then take a right turn at Hotel Blue Nile Chowk before continuing straight at Mangaldas Chowk.
– Entry to Sadhu Vaswani Bridge from Hotel Blue Diamond Chowk will be closed.

Additionally, alternate routes have been designated:
– Blue Diamond Chowk to Moboj Chowk will be one-way. From Moboj Chowk, vehicles should turn left at Mangaldas Chowk, left at IB Chowk, and left at Circuit House Chowk to reach their destination. Access to Hotel Blue Diamond Chowk from Moboj Chowk via Mangaldas Road will remain closed.
– From Moboj Chowk, vehicles should proceed via Bund Garden Road to Shriman Hotel Chowk, then take a right turn through Hotel Shriman Lane from Koregaon Park Junction to reach their desired destination.

Furthermore, the one-way road from IB Junction to Circuit House Chowk will be doubled as required to accommodate traffic flow adjustments. These measures aim to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety and convenience of commuters during the reconstruction of the Sadhu Vaswani Bridge.